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Standard bar codes are in everyday use.
Scan QR Codes by holding your phone camera to the code.
QR Codes can be used for vCards - electronic business cards!
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A QR Code is a new version of the common bar code.

We see bar codes everywhere - just about everything we buy has a stock code on it that's made into a bar code to help electronic scanners read it. An example is shown below:
The thickness of the stripes determines the value the scanner reads. The height of the stripes helps make the code easier to scan.

The normal bar code is thus a one dimensional code and the number below the code is the same as the code value - so if the code can't be read by the scanner it can still be typed in manually. You've certainly experienced that happening at the supermarket!
QR Codes are a newer version of this.

QR Codes use a two dimensional format to store much more information than the standard bar code. For data using letters and numbers, for example, a QR Code can store 4296 characters.

This lets QR Codes be used for a large range of applications!

If you want to see a more formal description of QR Codes you can check the Wikipedia entry for QR Codes.

The full name is 'Quick Response Code' and this comes from their ability to be read quickly by devices like mobile phones. In Japan QR Codes are used extensively on advertising hoardings, film posters, business cards and even t-shirts.

If you have Sky television then the Sky magazine now uses QR Codes so you can quickly and easily view film and TV trailers on your phone.

Just about any modern phone with a camera can scan QR Codes. All you need is bar code scanner software installed if you don't have it already as most modern phones have a bar code scanner pre-installed.

You run the scanner software and simply hold up your phone so the camera can see the code. In a few seconds the code is read and the information it contains is in your phone!

If you don't think your phone has scanner software, or you find the pre-installed software awkward to use then we recommend you try i-nigma from 3DVision.

It's easy to install.... And it's free!

Just use the Web browser on your phone to visit
www.i-nigma.mobi and your phone will be checked for compatibility and the correct version automatically downloaded and installed.

Click the following link for the full list of i-nigma compatible mobile phones.

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Run i-nigma and hold the phone up to the QR Code
QR Code is read and the data imported into the phone!