So you don't have to sort out your scanner or printer yourself!
So you know its all working!
And help save landfill!
To reduce the chances of your computer being faulty!
So you're not just left with stranded with a new computer!
So you know the Internet works!
Including e-mails!
Configuration that you don't get with mass produced systems!
AMD Fusion Partner Program
AMD Fusion Partner Select
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Nic Bunting Computers has been assembling PC systems for over 25 years!

So if its a computer for general home or business usage then Nic Bunting has the experience and qulifications to ensure you get the computer you want for your needs. And at a price you'll be happy with too!

Nic Bunting Computers also has the expertise to advise about recyling parts from your old system too to help you save even more money.

Membership of professional bodies like the PCA and the TCA ensure that the strict standards of customer service, product quality and product support you expect are upheld. Business customers will be pleased to see that Nic Bunting Computers is a fully registered limited company with formal qualifications.
For PC based systems designed for gaming click the link below.
If you are looking for a new PC or help with upgrading your old one then Nic Bunting Computers has the expertise and experience.

No system built by Nic Bunting has ever been found to be faulty.

That's a tough record to beat and one that Nic Bunting Computers is keen to keep!

Please telephone or e-mail to discuss your requirements.
Example systems can be seen below.
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