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Nic Bunting Computers can supply modified games consoles to help make your life easier!

Get the new WODE device fitted to your Nintendo Wii for the following features:
• Protect your original Wii game discs from wear and damage
• Simplify game disc storage requirements
• Solderless modification that doesn't invalidate your Wii warranty
• Play Wii & GameCube game ISOs direct from USB Mass Storage devices
• 8X read speed from Hard Disc Drive and FLASH drive
• Easy to use GUI with LCD & Joystick
• No 'homebrew' software modification of the Wii is required
• No Wii console update can block the WODE device
• Region hack to play imported game ISO files
• Powerful ARM9 MCU
• Totally Flexible Linux Kernel
• FLAT-MOD mode built-in to play your DVD-R Wii & GC backups and Imports (3X read speed)
• USB hub support for multiple USB device connection
• File System support - use WBFS formatted media or 'drag and drop' ISOs to existing USB NTFS devices
• NTFS support
• WBFS support
• EXT3FS support
• HPFS support
• The ability to plug as many drives as you want using a USB Hub
• Disc ripping to WBFS
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Nic Bunting Computers now offers Nintendo Wii and DS repairs!

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